DUROFLOR 無縫地板系列,具備多用途、耐用性能高、防塵 、耐磨損及抗化學物等多種優良性能。而實用地板工程公司為DUROFLOR獨家專利配方制造及舖設商。
DUROFLOR 無縫地板系列,以各種不同性能的高份子聚合樹脂組合而成,制成一系列不同結構、性能的無縫地板,如環氧樹脂地板系列、自流平塑膠英泥地坪、抗UV聚胺酯面塗和路面防滑鋼砂工程,以配合各工商業客戶不同的需求。

Durable flooring company is the manufacturer and sole agent of DUROFLOR seamless flooring in Hong Kong. We are specialized in flooring works such as self-leveling epoxy flooring, self-smoothing floor screed, polyurethane and epoxy floor coating and road surface anti-skid system. With over twenty years experience in the epoxy flooring business and supported by a lot of practical job experience. DUROFLOR seamless flooring offers a wide choice of systems, thickness, colours and textures to suit all your flooring needs. All materials are supplied by renowned manufacturers in Germany and European Community.

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