We are the expertise in high performance self-leveling flooring. Including different types such as self-leveling epoxy, polyurethane, self-leveling cement screed and Terrazzo floor.

Duro ER-80 Epoxy flooring system

Duro ER-80 is a two component, multi-purpose epoxy flooring system. By incorporating solvent free epoxy resin as a body-layment and functional epoxy topcoat, which provides floor surfaces with excellent resistance to mechanical wear and chemical attack.
ER-80 環氧樹脂無縫地板,無溶劑型環氧樹脂石英砂膠再覆合環氧顏色面塗,超高強度加優良抗化學性能,適合各類廠房、倉庫、運貨通道及停車場。
Duro ER-80S Self-levelling epoxy seamless flooring

Duro ER-80S is a two component solvent free, epoxy-based self-levelling topping that provides floor surfaces with excellent resistance to mechanical wear and chemical attack. It can be supplied in a variety of surface colours.
ER-80S 自流平環氧樹脂砂膠施工,無縫鋪設及多種顏色選擇,抗酸鹼、耐磨抗壓及防塵易清潔。適合各類廠房生產線、光碟及GMP規格製藥無塵房。
Duro ER-82 High solid epoxy texture coating (matt)

Duro ER-80S is a two pack product based on epoxy resin with low solvent content (high-solid). It provides remarkable resistance to abrasion, chemicals and non-slip surface, thus making daily maintenance job much easier. It is an ideal paint offering colourful decoration as well as durable wear for various floorings.
Duro SF series Self-levelling overlayment floor screed

Duro SF is a rapid setting self-levelling mortar based on polymer modified cementitious material, which is an ideal as floor or deck topping and can be leveled over any interior and exterior sound concrete surfaces. It can be applied at thickness 4mm to 12mm and provides floor surfaces with excellent resistance to mechanical wear.
Duro SF自流平聚合塑膠英泥砂漿,比傳統英泥地台優勝,可薄層施工(4 -12mm) 而能承受重壓,快速施工節省時間,適合各類室內、外地坪、倉庫及商舖。
Duroflor Terrazzo Floor

Duroflor’s Terrazzo floor system endeavors to fill your space with truthful color. Combining natural stone fragments, colored marbles and epoxy resin or polymer cement,  the material offers remarkable aesthetics and durability. Sought by designers, architects and manufacturers, it is a “must-have” in modern decoration which is widely seen in public buildings, commercial surfaces and retail shop .
Duroflor 的水磨石地板系列,用真實原始的物料顏色填充您所需的設計空間。 結合天然石材碎片,彩色大理石和環氧樹脂或聚合物水泥,地板系列具有卓越的美學和耐用性。 在設計師,建築師和製造商的追捧下, 它是現代裝飾中的  “必備品”,在公共建築,商業地坪和零售店中廣泛使用。